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The Holistic Specialists clinicians embrace a functional medicine approach, combined with an emphasis on a nutrient-dense, whole-foods diet and focus on lifestyle factors such as stress management, sleep, and physical activity.

The process of becoming a patient at Holistic Specialists patient is simple. Please follow the steps below for more information.

As a new patient, your treatment is broken into four phases:

Free 30-Minute Consultation

By answering a few questions during your 30-minute free consultation with one of our physicians or qualified staff, we can begin your individualized assessment. Once you have agreed to start the consultation process, our staff will send you a confirmation for your first appointment along with a comprehensive online health questionnaire. You will also ask to gather and bring with you all your past medical records (especially last years blood test results).

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is a 75 to 90-minute remote or in-person or consultation. The initial visit will consist of a comprehensive session going over a detailed body systems assessment, a thorough review of your medical history and relevant previous lab work, a review of your current diet and nutritional supplements, and a treatment plan including diet, supplements, lifestyle therapies and if needed, further testing.

Case Review Consultation

The Case Review Consultation is a 75-minute in-person or remote consultation (via video conference). Prior to the consultation, the Holistic Specialists will review the results from the labs that were ordered along with your Case Review paperwork, medical history, diet and supplement survey, assessment forms and relevant prior lab work. They will create a Report of Findings, which consists of a summary of the underlying patterns that are contributing to your symptoms, an outline of the suggested treatment plan, including dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations, and any recommendations for further testing (this will typically be minimal, if necessary at all, because of the completeness of the Case Review process).

Ongoing Treatment

Once the Case Review is complete, you’ll have follow-up appointments on an as-needed basis throughout the remainder of your treatment plan. The first follow-up appointment generally occurs between six and ten weeks after your Case Review Consultation. At that time, the physician will review your progress on the treatment plan, along with any follow-up test results, and make additional recommendations as necessary. From there, the frequency of your follow-up appointments will depend upon the severity of your condition and response to the treatment. You may schedule follow-up appointments in person, by phone or video conference. We ask that youschedule a consultation visit at least once per year.

Fee Schedule for Visits

The Holistic Specialists Functional Medicine consultations process is the most efficient way to determine the underlying causes of your health problems and design an effective treatment plan. The 4 stages consultation process is designed to save you money and time over the long-term by performing the appropriate diagnostic testing and evaluation to maximize clinical effectiveness.

Here is a breakdown of the costs involved in the 4 stages consultation process so you can plan accordingly. All of these are billed at the beginning of each appointment.

  • Free in person or remote 30 minutes consultation/orientation (optional) with a Holistic Specialists physician or staff
  • Initial Consult: $300.00 Includes 75 to 90 minute in-person or remote (via video conference appointment) consultation with a Holistic Specialists physician.
  • Case Review: $300.00 Includes the Report of Findings and a 75 to 90-minute in-person or remote (via video conference appointment) consultation with a Holistic Specialists physician.
  • Regular Follow-ups: $200.00 for 30 minutes or $250.00 for 60 minutes in-person or remote (via video conference appointment) consultation with a Holistic Specialists physician.


Customer pricing notice: a 4% customer service charge is applied to all credit card sales of services and products. There are no fees to use Zelle, Venmo, cash or personal checks.

Do you take insurance?

We take insurance on what we call a “refund policy”. Before a patient starts the Holistic Specialists consultation process the patient can complete an online insurance verification. After the first consultation, our staff will submit the bill to the insurance. If the insurance pays to our practice we refund your consultation fees.

Our clinics serve the cities of Miami, Coral Gables, Doral, Hialeah, Aventura, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Weston, and Sunrise. Contact us now and we will help you implement the changes to get well and stay well with functional and evolutionary medicine.

Holistic Specialists Cancellation, No Show
and Late Fee Policy

Due to high patient demand and the limited availability of appointments, Holistic Specialists has instituted a “No Show and Late Cancellation Fee” policy that will result in a $50 fee if you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice or do not show up for your appointment.

Patients who cancel their appointments at least 24 hours in advance will not be charged a cancellation fee. Timely cancellation will allow this appointment time to be offered to another patient.

We require a $50 deposit that would be credited towards your service remaining balance.

What counts as a “No Show” or “Late Cancellation”?

A No Show or Late Cancellation is considered to be any scheduled appointment where the client:

  • Does not come in for the appointment within 15 minutes of the scheduled time; or
  • Cancels the appointment less than 24 hours prior to the appointment

How do I cancel my appointment to avoid a fee?

You can cancel your appointment by:

  • Calling Holistic Specialists directly at 786.899.5607.
  • Canceling in person by coming to any of the 3 Holistic Specialists offices Front desks and documenting cancellation with the receptionist.

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