4 Stages

Develop a Treament Plan

4 Stages of Treatment

At Holistic Specialists, we develop your treatment plan in 4 stages:


We identify the root cause of the problem through a physical examination, reviewing your health history and prescribing the appropriate blood analysis and functional medicine tests.


We evaluate the core imbalances that lead to disease and loss of performance. Whether they come from dysfunctions in the digestive, hormonal, detoxification, immune, or intestinal barrier systems, these imbalances are addressed through the interpretation of advanced laboratory analysis which look at function, not disease.


We restore the body’s systems to normal function, allowing our patients to be on the road to vibrant health and vitality.


Addressing the body’s imbalances and adopting lifestyle changes such as sleep, exercise, medicinal/sports supplements and proper nutrition based on the patient individual needs and test results, the body is put in the optimal position to heal.

At Holistic Specialists we are concerned with the underlying cause of disease, not just its symptoms and expression. And the crucial thing to understand is that gut dysfunction is an incredibly common underlying factor in most modern, chronic, inflammatory conditions.

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